About the
Pie Store

The Pie Store is an online Marketplace for project templates, process templates, and standard operating procedure templates (SOP templates). This Pie Store marketplace is a community run by Pie member users.

We call templates “recipes” since each one is designed to improve your project or process results.

The Pie Store home page lists different recipes by sections. Click on a recipe bar to open to its full page. If you like one, click the import button (for a free recipe) or the purchase button to get started.

You can import free recipes or purchase them at a price to use as-is, or you can modify them for your business needs. This provides a jump start so you don’t have to re-invent your process.

You will need an account with the Pie visual project and process web application to import and run recipes, but no matter if they are for free or at a price, you can run them in your Apple Free Plan or any of the premium plans.

If you’re not a current Pie customer, no worries. You’ll be prompted to sign up when you import a recipe. It only takes a minute with a few clicks.

Check out the FAQ page to get answers to common questions about importing and watch videos on how it works.

Once you’re a Pie member, we encourage you to create and publish your recipes to the Pie Store and set them as free or at a price (and make shared revenue).

Let’s make the world a better place!