COVID-19 Supply Stock Tracking


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Recipe updated March 31, 2020


Execute the Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Stock Tracking tool for FREE with this Pie "recipe" (best practice template).

This is a tactical tool for healthcare facilities to help keep track of critical COVID-19 supplies, such as PPE items like N95 respirators, gowns, gloves, eye protection equipment, etc. The recipe is a simple and visual structure and you can get productive within a couple minutes.

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In the above screenshot image, we're dragging the N95 respirators stock item to empty because we just ran out. This allows you to quickly see at a glance were the hospital is with stock levels. Click import to give it a try.


Author: Paul Dandurand

Company: PieMatrix

This process was the idea of a small Vermont hospital and together we designed this within 3 minutes. As they started to find this useful, we decided to make it available for all other hospitals to use as well.

At PieMatrix, our mission is to help organizations improve process and project end results. Part of this mission is to help humanity and our planet with better processes.

We are devoting time to make content available that helps jump start important processes, such as this COVID-19 critical supply stock tracking tool for the coronavirus pandemic.

We truly hope your health care personnel, patients, and all of us on this planet will forever kill the COVID-19 virus and be better prepared for future epidemics and pandemics. Be well, stay safe, and prepare.


Use it for your hospital or healthcare clinic:

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  • You can share it with other people anywhere in the world.

You are welcome to make your own recipe version of this content for COVID-19 and post on the Pie Recipe Store; however, you agree not to charge a price if you do. We believe that preparation plans for outbreaks like the Coronavirus should be made available to the public for free.

At Pie, we want to promote the progress of useful knowledge for driving better process and project results. As humans, we know that all our works emerge and come from building on the works of other humans.


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Click import, and if you’re new to Pie, we’ll also sign you up for a FREE account.