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Recipe updated April 09, 2020


This FREE Crisis Cashflow Planning recipe allows you to prepare yourself for a current or potential negative impact on your business.

Whether it's a worldwide pandemic or a downturn specific to your industry, this recipe will help you objectively take action so that your business can make objective cashflow planning decisions.

Included in this recipe are steps for:

  • Data collection - What to collect to get started
  • Analysis - How to analyze your data and situation
  • Outreach - Who to contact, such as vendors and creditors and what to say
  • Review - What do review for next steps and lessons learned Follow this simple recipe set up as phases that are easy to follow and can be repeated every month.

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The above screenshot image show the "Analysis" slice selected to show its tasks. Notice the second task has a mouse hover that displays its how-to description.

The first task is marked done with the green check. It also is assigned to a user. You can set dates, assign team members, and keep track of what is done. Assign unlimited team members for free. You can use Pie for other projects and business processes, also for free.


Author: Michael Ly

Company: Reconciled

Michael is CEO of Reconciled, an online bookkeeping and business advisory practice.

At Reconciled, we support hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the country with accounting services and financial planning. We provide a broad range guidance to their clients that included this crisis cashflow planning guide.

Our cloud-based remote accounting services include bookkeeping, CFO advisory and controller services, and enterprise account and full outsourced solutions. We're making this crisis cashflow process available for free to help you quickly take action when crisis hits. Reach out to us at with questions or support.


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