Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pie Store?

The Pie Store is an online Marketplace for project, process, and standard operating procedure templates (SOP templates). We call templates “recipes”. To learn more about the Pie Store, check out the ABOUT page.

What happens when I import a FREE recipe?

If you’re not a Pie member, you will be brought to the login/signup page. Click sign up and we’ll set you up with a FREE Pie account. Then we’ll automatically import the recipe for you to use. You can create a project using the recipe or go to the recipe to modify.
(If you’re already a Pie member, the sign up part is skipped.)

Watch how-to video for importing free recipe

Is it really all free?

Yes! If the recipe is marked as FREE, you can import it, automatically get your free Pie account on the Apple Free Plan, and then use both for free as much as you like. If you purchase a recipe at a price, you can still use it with the Apple Free Plan.

What happens when I purchase a recipe?

You can purchase a recipe and then use it for FREE in the Pie Apple Free Plan account or with any of the premium plans. If you’re not yet a Pie member and you click purchase recipe, you’ll first sign up for the free Pie account. Then it will bring you to the checkout page for the recipe credit card purchase.

After this purchase, you’ll click a link to land in your new Pie account with the recipe ready for use.
(If you’re already a Pie member, the sign up part is skipped.)

Watch how-to video for purchasing free recipe

How do I use a recipe I import or purchase?

You need our free Pie project and process application account in order to import and use a recipe. If you don't have an account, when you import the recipe it will prompt you to sign up for a free Pie account. This all happens under a couple minutes and a few clicks.

Once you land in your new Pie account, your free or purchased recipe will be there waiting for you to use. You can use your free or purchased imported recipe for in a free Pie account as long as you like.

Watch how-to video for creating project from recipe